Leon Haney and Cujo Allis Chalmers LLSS Ride Along

March 18, 2019

We don't watch much pulling beyond what we film. But when we do it usually our hometown guys from Alabama.

I grew up Athens Alabama adoring the famed orange tractor down there called "Cujo". It was driven by Leon Haney. Back then, it was a diesel Light Limited Super Stock. I remember going up to the shop and picking out a toy and looking at all the trophies and pull posters from years past. I remember sitting on the tractor when I was about 5 years old. I love that tractor. And we would hop in the car drive about 30 minutes away to Tanner and Ardmore to watch them pull.  The only thing better than that is is stopping to pick up some Whitt's Barbeque before the show.  I know them and they know me, but we are not related.

Today Cujo is an alcohol Light Limited Super Stock and the driver is Clay Haney the young man backing Leon up to the sled in this video. This was ride-on footage from Sturgis, Kentucky back in 2012. I remember seeing this video and thinking, "Man that is a cool shot." John Murray films for Let's Go Pulling (LGP on YouTube).  John uses a very similar setup to mine.  We speak often about upgrades, technology, and life in general.  5014

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